TRAINING MENU Our tutorial flows in the order of column one then column two.  Feel free to click on one of the section titles below to jump to that section. Creating an Account Registering Judges & Volunteers Creating an Intramural Competition Creating Intramural Teams & Assigning Captains Editing Competition Details Drafting/Adding Athletes to Intramural Teams Sharing Your Competition Link Adjusting Intramural Team Member Caps Creating Workouts Entering Individual Scores Editing Workouts Entering Team Scores (Coming Soon) Releasing Workouts Requesting Payment (Coming Soon) Registering Athletes Bug Reporting & Feature Requests Removing/Refunding Athletes Support CREATING AN ACCOUNT While athletes don’t need an account, competition creators, judges, and volunteers do so they can take advantage of all of our features. STEP 1: Click the avatar in the bottom right and select signup.   STEP 2: Complete and submit signup form.   STEP 3: Click the activation link in your activation email. Check the spam or promotions areas if you don’t see it and make sure to move that email to your inboxContinue reading »