Choosing the Right Time

If there is anything we can learn from history, it’s that timing is everything. There’s the brilliant invention that was before it’s time. The girl you were “destined” to be with but the timing never quite worked out. The dream job you applied for a day too late. The examples go on and we probably have more examples than we’d care for in our own lives.  The good news is we will help you prevent at least one of them – “the great competition at the wrong time.”

The good news is finding great timing isn’t rocket science.  It comes down to four elements.

  1. CrossFit Headquarters (CFHQ) competition schedule
  2. Bandwidth of you/your staff
  3. Weather
  4. Holidays


1 – CFHQ Schedule

CFHQ’s comp schedule is fairly predictable and should act as the backbone for your own. Avoid scheduling your competition during the open or immediately after it; Athletes are consumed by The Open and are pretty tired of competition atmosphere immediately following. It goes without saying, but I’d avoid the Games weekend as well. If you are targeting top level athletes, avoid open through the Games.

• Late Feb – end of March: The Open
• Mid-May – early June: Regionals
• Late July/early August: The CrossFit Games.

During regionals is fine as long as it’s not on the weekend of your regional. That’s their competition season—you’re competition is for their off season. CFHQ also has the liftoff and a team competition, but the popularity is nowhere near the Open, so don’t let it impact your schedule.

2 – Bandwidth

This by far the most overlooked element when scheduling competitions. Competitions are amazing, but are a ton of work for you, your staff, and your members.  Scheduling one during a busy time for your gym can put the quality of both at risk. Not to mention it can add unnecessary stress! Avoid this in two ways:

  1. Map out the busiest times of year for your business and avoid them like the plague.  We’ve already put down two general times in our guide, but customize it for your own gym.
  2. Strongly consider hiring pros to do it for you. In the long run it really doesn’t cost you much extra and it’s well worth the headaches and time it saves.

We of course offer this service and you are welcome to a free intro call if you want to ask questions.

3 – Weather

If your competition is outside, it’s a no brainer weather can make or break your competition. The unpredictable weather patterns combined with instances of athletes burning hands on barbells influenced CFHQ to bring all regionals events inside. That said, outside comps can be amazing! Just think about things like weather (e.g. hurricane season) and what you backup plan is if it sucks.

The other thing to consider is travel. Our box is near Boston, so I avoid throwing our comps in Jan, Feb, and March. We typically only get a couple of bad snow storms a year, but I’m convinced I’ll choose one of the weekends.

4 – Holidays

Holidays can either be a great thing or a bad one. Captain obvious alert—avoid throwing competitions on major holidays. Think Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. The smaller ones? Have at it. We’ve seen some really neat themed competitions on St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. You can certainly pull it off, but to maximize opportunity for success, our recommendation is to avoid the actual holiday and throw your comp near it instead.