2018 CrossFit Final Call Re-Open

Thursday November 1st, 2018 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pmthrough 03/12/2018register by 11/26/20181302 W. Main


Starting November 2, we will be emulating the Open down to a T:

• 5 weeks of competition 1st WOD announced November 1st  Last WOD score due December 3rd.

• Old Open workouts

• Thursday WOD announcement at 8PM with my best Castro impression

• Scores due Mondays by 8PM

• Intramural style – teams, draft, 1 point for entering a score, 3 points for placing top 3 in division

• Weekly events – think Thursday Night Live announcements, and Friday Night Lights.

• Workouts will be programmed for the class on Friday and you are welcome to do them/redo them during classes.

• Cost $20 just like the Open


CrossFit Final Call


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Next, use the following credentials to CHECK-IN folks for this event: INSTALLATION URL: https://echeloncomps.comAPI KEY: 37F7BAC2