2019 Sheepdog Intramural Open

Thursday February 21st, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pmthrough 02/04/2019register by 02/20/201914 Merchants Lane, Taunton, MA 02780


Welcome to Open Season!

For our newbies out there, the CrossFit Open consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks that aim to find the fittest people in the world. Last year over 429,000 people participated in the Open.

I know many of you will ask yourself, “Why should I do the Open? There’s no way I’m the fittest in the world.” For 99.99% of us, that is true and that’s why we are running the Intramural Open!

In the Intramural Open, you’ll have the ability to contribute to a team every single week no matter your score. Go above and beyond in your spirit or performance and you can contribute even more. Most importantly, it’ll be the highlight of fun and community in our gym.

So what exactly is the Intramural Open?
It all starts with you registering for our Intramural Open via this platform.

We’ve already had our first amazing event… DRAFT NIGHT! Our team captains chose their teams and everyone signed up for the draft has a new home for the next 6 weeks.

The next step is creating an account here to officially join your team.

Once teams are set and workouts begin, it’s quite simple. You earn a point for your team by simply doing the workout and submitting your score. You earn an extra 0.5 point if you’ve also signed up for the Open at games.crossfit.com. If you place top 3 in your division (RX and scaled) for a workout, then you earn 3 more points. If your team brings the most spirit in any given week then your team receives 5 extra points. You also earn your team a point for taking the online CrossFit judges course

So, say you aren’t the best athlete in the gym. No big deal. Complete the workout and bring tons of spirit and you might make the biggest point contribution in the gym!

Folks, it’s totally normal to be a little nervous. But then again, you were all super nervous the first time you walked through our doors and you know how well that worked out. So make the leap, trust in us, and get ready for an amazing time!

Let’s do this!


Who: Teams of 6-12

What: 5 WODs + Final WOD
When: Feb 21- Mar 25
Where: Sheepdog Athletics
Cost: $5 registration fee to Exhelon Comps



Each division will be designated by CrossFit. Teams will have a mix of all divisions


WODs and standards will be released by a crossFit each week of the Open.


All of our Team Leaders follow standard safety protocol, but please let us know ahead of time if you have any conditions that we should know of. Please reach out to us at info@sheepdogathletics.com.


Know a business who would like to sponsor a week of the Intramural Open? Have them reach out to info@sheepdogathletics.com


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@sheepdogathletics.com.


Sheepdog Athletics
14 Merchants Lane, Taunton, MA 02780



Women's Scaled

Amy DeMoranville

Claudia Lane

Cynthia Wild

Dan Miller

Edward Jorge

Erica M Burns

Irene Mendes

Janet DeMoranville

Kathy Maynard

Katie Potenzone

Krista Cody

Linda Amaral

Lynne Jorge

Meghan Buchanan

Patricia Lucini

Phyllis Cotell

Sandra Sa

Shannon Lauzon

Tonya Miller

Men's Scaled

Cory Buchanan

Galen Marsh

Jameson Chiariello

Jesse Morrison

ken eisnor

Marc Mason

Michael Lough


Sean Cody

Steven Mendes

Men's Rx'd

Dan Miller

Joe pereirs

Omar Cruz

Tyler Sikorski

Women's Rx'd

Lisa Cotell

Meghan;wifey Morrison

Team Bonus

Create Team

Judge's Notes


Download the CHECK-IN App:Google Chrome check-in appAttendee check-in iOS applicationAttendee check-in Android application

Next, use the following credentials to CHECK-IN folks for this event: INSTALLATION URL: https://echeloncomps.comAPI KEY: EA384ACA