CrossFit Eta Intramural Open

Friday February 22nd, 2019 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pmthrough 25/03/2019register by 02/21/20195796 E Hwy 114 Unit 5C, Haslet, TX 76052


Hey Guys!

Welcome to the 1st ever CrossFit Eta Intramural Open. We are so excited for this event and how it will spice up the fun that we know we’ll already have during the Open this year.

Our captains (Jenny, Danielle H., and Mark) will be participating in a Draft on Wednesday, January 30th at 7:30 p.m. where they will pick players from a pre-determined list of people we know are doing the Open and have experience doing so. Immediately following the Draft, they will then be released to recruit any and everybody else in the gym to be on their team, so expect them to be reaching out to you and trying to convince, beg, and bribe you to be on their team!

But, the choirs is yours! Once you’ve selected which team you want to be a part of, simply log in (if you’re reading this, you already have!), sign up ($4.95 fee), and then add yourself to their team. If you need any help, reach out to your team captain and they’ll walk you through it.

The Intramural Open will take place during the CrossFit Games Open and scoring will be as follows:

-1 point per person per week that completes an Open workout (and enters score into Echelon)
-1 point per person per week who is Top 3 in their Division at CrossFit Eta (there are only two divisions this year: Men’s & Women’s)
-5 points per week to the team with the most spirit (as voted upon by the CrossFit Eta Coach’s Collective)
-3 points per week for Photo of the Week (we will take a group or representative photo of each team every Friday night, post all 3 photos simultaneously to Instagram, and whichever team receives the most likes by Monday at 5pm wins that week’s Photo of the Week)
-3 points per week if 50% of your team shows up to ROMWOD at 9am on Saturday (round up for teams with an odd number of members)
-3 points per week if your ENTIRE team (that shows up on Friday night) has their outfits coordinated (color and/or style, must be obvious)
-1 bonus point per person for submitting ALL 5 weeks worth of scores (a 6th total point for participation)
-We also plan on releasing a few bonus point opportunities at random moments throughout the Open, but we are keeping those a secret for now!

These points will then be tallied each week and count towards a grand total by the end of the 5th week of the Open where we will crown a winning team! This point system was designed so that anyone can participate regardless of ability inside the gym.
If you have any questions, first consult your team captain and they will talk to Coach Mike about any concerns or items that they can’t answer.


CrossFit Eta
5796 E Hwy 114 Unit 5C, Haslet, TX 76052




Mark Mueller
Colby Sadberry
Texas priest
Derek Todd
Greg Maberry
Duane Allred
Kevin Howard
John Westmoreland


Danielle Hibbs
Jennifer Todd
Jessica Baird
Justine Stokes
Danielle Spruill
Shena Kirby
Andrea Sadberry
Sarah Miller
Karie Holmes
Candice Warren
Summer James
Tarrah Lott
Katrina de Friess
Chelsea Davis
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