CrossFit Rampage Intramural Open 2019

Thursday February 21st, 2019 from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pmthrough 25/03/2019register by 02/20/2019



On February 21st, we will begin our very own CrossFit Rampage Intramural Open!

After signing up for The Open, you will be placed on 1 of 5 teams at the gym and compete for 5 weeks to see which team can rack up the most points & who will come out on top!


Who: 5 teams including 1 team captain

What: 5 total workouts, 1/week announced via CrossFit Games Website. Each week you can choose Rx or scaled
When: WODs will be held Fridays at the gym, preferably in the PM classes
Where: CrossFit Rampage
Cost: $2o on the Games website and $5 to sign up through our competition page


After joining your team, that’s when the fun begins! Points will be awarded each week per team by following these guidelines:

1 point= per person-participation in each of the 5 workouts

3 points= top 3 scores on each workout

1 point= PR during one of the workouts(examples= first muscle up, first Rx WOD)

1 point= attending 3 classes/week

1 point= posting 1 video/picture on social media with the hashtag #RampageDoesTheOpen19

5 points= spirit of the Open, this will be determined by the 5 team captains each week on who displayed the most spirit…get creative here! Collaborate as a team to wear costumes, bring signs with your team name on it or have the best cheer squad!



This is the day before the 1st workout is released.



CrossFit Rampage Intramural Cup awarded to the winning team!



If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Molly@crossfitrampage.


CrossFit Rampage

Team Standings




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