Making it easy
to host a World Class
Fitness Competition

Run your competition uncommonly well.

Whether your event is on-site or online our tools and services let you master even the most challenging details. Use our platform to run everything yourself or let our experts lead the way. So you can plan, market and run your competition worry-free while delivering an elite experience to your athletes.


Echelon Key Features

  1. Free Consult
    We established echelon to help, so whether you use us or not, you are welcome to a free 15 minute initial consult. We are here to help you prepare for and solve any problem for your upcoming competition. There’s no sales. Just problem solving and advice.
  2. Competition Outsourcing
    Of course we have software, but what makes us unique is we have expertise. We know how to run competitions uncommonly well, so…let us do the work and you can take the credit. Instead of consuming your own time and resources, sit back and let us plan, program, and/or market your competition. We will take care of all the dirty work so the only thing you need to focus on is volunteers, judges, and any sponsors/vendors if you want extra cash. Want a little help on competition day? We can show up and run that too.
  3. Payment, registration, and scoring software
    Easy registration, customizeable landing pages, multiple scoring options, mobile friendly, Library of workouts and standards, free (*less 3% cc fee. Athlete/team absorbs nominal service fee $4.95 for athlete $9.95 for team)


Intramural Open Key Features

Build community around the open with minimal work. Say goodbye to the hours of time around spreadsheets, tracking points, and fixing mistakes.

  • Team Assignments/Draft – Both team captains and admin can assign team members
  • Automatic Scoring – Create scoring rules to assign points to athletes for simply entering a score, finishing in the top 3 for a workout in a division, and more. Watch these scores ladder up to the team leaderboard.
  • Team Leaderboards –
  • Manual Add On Points and WODs – Add in your own extra points (e.g. team sprit points each week) or additional workouts to customize your box’s intramural open experience
  • Automatic Workout Updates – As the workouts are released, we will push them down for you so you don’t have to do any work.