Hang Power Clean

The barbell must start above the knee pass through the front rack position, and finish above the athletes head. The athlete must complete the movement by fully extending the knees, hips, and arms with the barbell positioned over the shoulders. A power clean, muscle clean, split clean, or squat clean is permitted, so long as the bar starts from the hang and all requirements are met. A strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk so long as all requirements are met. The barbell may not be cleaned from the ground. Instead, when the barbell starts on the ground, the athlete must deadlift the weight off the ground reaching full extension of hips, knees, and arms before advancing to the hang position and cleaning. The athlete may drop the bar at the top if he/she chooses, but must wait for it to settle before starting the next rep. Dropping the bar before completion of the rep is a no rep.