Tutorials and How Tos



While athletes don’t need an account, competition creators, judges, and volunteers do so they can take advantage of all of our features.

STEP 1: Click the avatar in the bottom right and select signup.


STEP 2: Complete and submit signup form.


STEP 3: Click the activation link in your activation email. Check the spam or promotions areas if you don’t see it and make sure to move that email to your inbox to ensure you receive future notifications.

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STEP 1: Login and go to your dashboard.



STEP 2: Click new under competitions and then BEGIN.


STEP 3: As you fill out competition details, choose private event so only those with the link to your competition can register. Choose Intramural scoring so you can set you intramural point parameters.


STEP 4: Skip adding workouts for now.  In our Beta release, workouts are published as soon as they are added to a competition. That will change in future releases!


STEP 5: Set up price per athlete, number of teams, and initial team limits. We will be able to change team limits later if needed.


STEP 6: Create your divisions and division limits. You can either use one of our standard division names or create your own by simply typing in the dropdown box and hitting enter.  Since caps don’t matter in Intramural we recommend a large number that you know you won’t hit.

STEP 7: Insert your waiver or feel free to use ours. If you choose to use ours, note that we do not guarantee it’s accuracy for your location, nor do we take any liability. We recommend you consult your attorney.


STEP 8: Agree to our terms and conditions and submit your competitions for review.


STEP 9: You will receive an approval email within 24 hours. Barring anything obscene, we approve all competitions.

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If you need to edit any of the details of your competition, it’s very easy to do so from your competition landing page.

STEP 1: Make sure you are logged in and go to your competition landing page. Click the edit competition button that appears in the top right of your screen.


STEP 2: The top row of toggles allows you to adjust 4 aspects of your competition: public or private (doesn’t appear on our public competition list), team or individual event (intramural is considered team), intramural or regular scoring, and tie breakers or not (use if any workouts will use a tiebreaker.)

You’ll also be able to edit your competition’s end time and set an end date if it’s a multi-day or week competition. In the event box, you can adjust the time box to change the start time of your competition.


STEP 3: If intramural scoring is selected, a new row will appear to edit points awarded for participation and top 3 finishes in a division.


STEP 4: The next box down allows you to edit the content and format of your competition description.


STEP 5: Below the description box, you’ll see the workout release area.  We have a workout release section further down in our tutorial.

STEP 6: At the very bottom, you have the opportunity to edit your waiver.


There are other detailed aspects of your competition that you can edit from this screen as well, but we will cover those in other parts of the tutorial.

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Once your competition is published, you’ll need the link to share for signups, scoring, and management.

STEP 1: Click on your competition listed under competitions on your dashboard. It will only appear there once it has been approved by us.


STEP 2: Once the landing page opens, copy the link from your address bar and distribute at will. Typically the address is echeloncomps.com/event/name-of-your-competition.


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The Echelon software allows you to create a library of workouts to use and reuse in the future. They will not be published anywhere until you associate them with a competition.

STEP 1: Log-in to your dashboard and click new workout.


STEP 2A: Fill out the details of the workout. If you do NOT want to use one of our pre-written standards, simply select NO under add standards and enter your own standards inside the workout description.


STEP 2B: If you DO want to use one of our 60+ pre-written standards, then select yes under add standards. The standards will unfold at the bottom. Simply hover over them to read them and click on the ones you want.


STEP 3: Publish workout. This will only add it to your library. It will NOT publish it to your competition.

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STEP 1: Make sure you are logged in and go to your competition landing page. Click the edit competition button that appears in the top right of your screen.


STEP 2: Click the Workouts menu item on the left.


STEP 3: Select the workout you would like to edit.


STEP 4: Change scoring type, tiebreaker, or description and standards.


STEP 5: Click update at the bottom of your screen to save your changes.

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When you would like to release a workout for your competition, it starts by entering the editing dashboard for your competition.

STEP 1: Select edit competition from you competitions landing page. Note you MUST be logged in for the edit button to appear.


STEP 2: When you arrive at the competition edit dashboard, scroll down to workouts.


STEP 3: Click add workout and either begin typing the name of the workout you want to add or let the dropdown populate and select it.


STEP 4: If you would like to release another workout, repeat step 3 and another row will populate.


STEP 5: Make sure to CLICK UPDATE at the top right hand of the screen to save your changes.

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Athlete registration is very easy from your competition landing page.

STEP 1: Athletes select the join competition button.


STEP 2: Athletes will choose the appropriate division. If the division limit is reached, they will not be able to register.


STEP 3: Athletes will see a summary of their purchase (including our athlete fee), enter in their information, and complete purchase.


STEP 4: Athletes will receive a confirmation email with a link to download tickets (you don’t have to use them, but can use them with an app if you’d like.)

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We HIGHLY recommend having a no refund policy. That’s standard policy for most competitions and eliminates a lot of hassle for you. But if you must…

STEP 1: Enter the edit competition dashboard from your competition landing page.


STEP 2: Scroll down to the teams box on the right hand side of the page. Click the x by the athlete you would like to remove.


STEP 3: Update your competition in the top right hand part of the screen.


STEP 4: Email us at support@echeloncomps.com to help with refunding the money.

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STEP 1: The potential judge or volunteer clicks on the appropriate button at the top right of your competition landing page.


STEP 2: If the potential judge/volunteer is not logged in, they will be asked to login or signup. Since they have special permissions they will need an account.


STEP 3: Once they are logged in and click the appropriate button, they will be asked to confirm the request.


STEP 4: A volunteer/judge request will appear for the competition host on the bottom of your competition landing page. Click add to confirm the request or delete to deny it.

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As soon as you have one person registered for your competition, you can create teams and assign captains.

STEP 1: Scroll to the bottom of your competition landing page and click the create team button.


STEP 2: Create a team name (it can be changed later) and select a team captain from the dropdown.


STEP 3: Add the captain as a team member and click update.


STEP 4: You should now see the team listed on your competition landing page.

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Once you have assigned team captains, they can draft/add athletes to their own teams until the team limit is reached. As the competition owner, you can draft/add athletes to all teams.

STEP 1: Have team captain or competition owner select the desired team.


STEP 2: Select the athlete(s) you want to add to the team. NOTE: only athletes currently not on a team will show up in the drop down. Click update team.


STEP 3: Athlete is successfully added when he/she shows up under the team’s list.

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STEP 1: Select edit competition from your competition landing page. You must be logged in to see it.


STEP 2: Select teams from the main menu on the left.


STEP 3: Click on the name of the team you wish to change.


STEP 4: Scroll down to the bottom right part of the screen and change the participation limit to the desired value.


STEP 5: Make sure to click update for your changes to take place.


STEP 6: Verify the update by checking the participation limit value after the update and looking at the limit on the competition landing page for that team.


STEP 7: Repeat the process for the rest of the teams you need to alter.

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We are rapidly working on the functionality for athletes to enter their owns scores for Intramural Competitions. Until then, both judges and competition owners can enter scores.

We HIGHLY recommend having your team captains register as judges so they can own score entry for their team each week.

STEP 1: Scroll down to the Scores section on your competition landing page. (Only competition hosts and judges see this.)


STEP 2: Choose the athlete, enter the core, and indicate Rx or Scaled. Note that all Rx scores are ranked ahead of scaled scores in a division. If an athlete does not have a score, simply leave it blank.


STEP 3: Click save scores and the leaderboard will update standings and points.

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If you notice a bug or have a great idea, we want to know about it.

STEP 1: Click on the bug/feedback button on the side of the screen.


STEP 2: Enter your email and write us a note about your issue. Our reporting tool even allows you to capture and draw on your screen. When you are done, hit send.


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If our tutorials and bug reporting/feature request functionality don’t meet your needs, feel free to reach out to us at support@echeloncomps.com!

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